Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Recently i've felt so inspired and full of ideas, more than I have for many many years. I have finally found that I am comfortable with my own artwork, I have learnt to not feel insecure and try a little self belief. I love what I do now, which again is not something i've felt for many many years.

I've recently done a little weaving. I enjoy this a great deal, I just can't find enough crazy yarn in different colours. I particularly like the ones that I would never even consider making something out of, the ones that have a long piece of what is usually cotton with litle fluffy, sparkly or wooly bits hanging off it. I really love the thick stuff too.


Anonymous said...

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Aimee Marie said...

I really like that last one. I wish I could crochet or knit or something! You seem like a fun, creative lady, so I'm going to bookmark you & come back for more!
aimeemarie(.com) x