Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Suffolk Sketchup

Are you local??? Do you live in Suffolk and would like to meet up with illustrators and designers to chat, have a drink, compare notes, get new ideas and inspiration?

Then pop over to the Suffolk Sketchup Blog and find out about where and when the first Sketchup is on!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New Things!

Do you remember those green triangles you used to get in tins of Quality Street at Christmas? Noisette triangles they were and they were my favourite! Maybe that is because of my deep rooted love for all things geometric, maybe i'm just off on some mad ramble but whatever it means, my newest addition to Hello Pushkin is triangles.

I have been having a whale (is it that whale or the other one?) of a time playing with screen printing onto wood, oh yes my friends wood! I can't tell you how happy it made me. After I had printed patterns on to wood I needed to cut them out in some way so I went and got myself a new bit of kit. It was like being in DT at school all over again. But better!
I have so far made 3 of these but there will be more to come. As soon as I have finished decorating our front room/dining room. More about that soon (i hope!) Until then, these are available in my Folksy and Etsy shops and at the upcoming St Peter's Street Maritime Weekender market in Ipswich on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th August. Pray for good weather for us!