Saturday, 30 January 2010

Illustrator Badges

New badges for Illustrators, pen lovers, doodlers, drawing addicts.

For weeks i've been trying to think of more arty/crafty pastimes that I can make badges for. We all love to show our love for all things makey and these badges seem to be a popular way to do it!

So after much doodling I came up with these pen badges to show your love for illustrating!

Any ideas for other nice badges are very welcome.

They are available here Cuppa Tea And Cake Folksy Shop

Attention Lovers!!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching so hopefully everyone is getting in a loving kinda mood.

Personally I am a fan of anything heart shaped, you can get cake pans in heart shapes in Lakeland. Mixing bowls in heart shapes in M&S and silicone bun cases too! And on a blog a few years ago I saw a heart shaped teacup, now THAT is what I am talking about! If anyone sees one please let me know.

So to celebrate your love for tea or for Valentine's, your Lover's love for tea, I have made Valentine's badges.

Some say "love a cuppa" on them and others say "come for tea, i love you" and they are all available in my folksy shop

Cuppa Tea And Cake Folksy Shop

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

WOW Sorry everyone!!

Sorry again! After making the last post all the way back in December BEFORE Christmas!!! I told myself I would get back to updating on a regular basis, well so much for that huh?!

Chris and I have been busy looking for houses! Me oh my has it been hard work! So many that look good on the pictures but when you see them in the flesh (or brick!) they just aren't all that! But finally we found it, the loveliest little house you ever could see! Hehe! And so we are now just waiting on our moving in date and excitedly collecting housewares and furniture.

The jug was a Christmas present from my landlady, I have coveted this jug for some months and I am now picturing it
in our new little house with a big bunch of flowers in!

So I treated myself to the matching tea towel from LoveOne! I mean we can't wash up the dishes without something to dry them with now can we?

I got excited about buying an iron the other day, how silly!

As soon as we move in I will be taking pictures of how we are making out little nest our own. But before then I have lots of things I want to show you all, just need to get some decent daylight to take some pictures.

Finally, we are now arranging the second I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market for Saturday 27th March at the Town Hall Galleries Ipswich. More in depth news soon. But if you are interested or know someone who is please go to