Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Stockist!

Glaswegian friends! You can now buy Cuppa Tea and Cake products in The Shop of Interest... at 1058 Argyle Street

I'm very lucky to be stocked in this fabulous little shop. They have a large amount of products including the newest addition to my range, the wooden kaleidoscope badges. I hope Chris and I will get to pay Scotland a visit soon, I know he wants to and we've made so many friends up north via the power of twitter.

Monday, 2 May 2011

One day I will have a vintage car....

Every year the Ipswich Transport Museum hold a Vintage Car Rally which starts in Christchurch Park, they then leave to rally over to Felixstowe and spend the afternoon sunning themselves on the front by the sea. This year was the 41st run and the second we've been to.

I love vintage cars, if I was better off I would have a normal runabout car and a vintage one for pootling about in the summer with the top down. I'm particularly keen on that little cream chap at the top, the Frog Eyed Sprite. Look at his happy little face!

My good friend Flo has always loved these dinky little fellows. You don't realise quite how tiny they are until you see them in the flesh. I don't think Chris with his long legs could get into one of these! I'd love to have a little test drive of one though. These was a woman looking at the engine who repeatedly told her husband that they can run on only 2 cylinders, so there's a factoid for the day!

I also love the text you find on vintage buses. Here is a few pictures of my favourites. Maybe i'll get myself an old bus or coach for the summer holidays too!
Finally, here's a picture of me looking a bit windswept and getting in the way at a crucial moment...