Friday, 24 April 2009

Busiest week ever!

Probably not the busiest week ever but my! have I been busy! I started working full time at the college this week which I haven't done in ages. Yes I know that is actually very luxurious but two days a week does not pay very well! Soon as I got in every night I went straight to my printing table and printed 7 new designs on 33 bags. I also had bunting to sew, brooches to make, signs to draw and all the other preparations ready for the craft fair tomorrow.

It has in fact been wonderful fun! There are 5 new large tote designs including these three and two mini bags for your book or lunch! I always put my books (especially my Persephones) into another bag before they go in my bag so they don't get scuffed and these little bags are SO cute!!

So I think I am ready for the craft fair at Ipswich Library tomorrow. I am really rather excited. I have some lovely things like cake stands to put my brooches on and little coloured price signs. Such simple things please me!

I hope you all like the new totes. There are some I want to keep for myself but if i'm lucky i'll sell lots tomorrow! Pictures of the event will follow. Hopefully with lots of busy customers in!!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Thinking and drawing and making.

So, as I said in a previous post, I am doing my first craft fair next Saturday at Ipswich library.

I have spent the last few weeks drawing up new ideas for tote designs. So here is a few for you to see. I have just started printing the first new design so fingers crossed that will all go well.

It is much harder coming up with designs when you have a big interest in whether they will sell or not. It's very different from just printing things I like and hope other people will like too. There's profit relying on these ideas. Oh the pressure!

I have also been sewing lots of polka dot bunting and union jack bunting. And making lots of pincushion brooches in several different sizes.

I've got to sort out a money tin and float, little flyers for people to take away with them. Display ideas. Prices labels. A banner for my table. And bags and packaging! So exciting.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I love productive days!

The picture to the left shows my recent charity shop finds, all in one shop in Hadleigh, Suffolk! A lovely blanket for £1 a piece of slightly hideous kind of lovely vintage fabric for 50p and a purple velvet bow tie for 50p! I don't need another blanket or any more fabric but that's not the point is it? You can see my dirty pumps on my thread covered carpet at the bottom of the picture.

In other news I have had a wonderfully busy couple of days. I've made two lots of polka dot bunting, two lots of union jack bunting and some new brooches. I've also drawn up loads of new designs for tote bags, the original large and the new mini tote bags for carrying your books or lunch! They are soooo cute!

I'll photograph some sketches for you to see soon, it would be nice if you felt you wanted to comment on ones you liked or weren't so keen on.

I have also signed up to have a stall at my first craft fair! It is being held at Ipswich Library on Saturday 25th and I am very very excited. I have been thinking about display ideas, flyers, products, little price signs and a stall sign. All the important things of course!

Chris and I had a debate about whether I needed bags to put things in once they are sold or not. I vote yes! And they should be cute paper ones too!

Tomorrow is our 3rd year anniversary of being together so we are off to Cambridge for a lovely day. It's meant to rain, but nevermind there's a Lush, a Paperchase and lots of beautiful architecture. Hope the weather is good wherever you are.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Completely Wonderful

I have a new Persephone book! And I was lucky enough to be given Miss Buncle's Book by Nicola Beauman as we had a brief chat last night after she gave a talk at Suffolk Book League.

Several months ago I found out that Nicola Beauman, founder of Persephone books was to be a guest speaker. I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of April 8th ever since. And when it finally arrived I was lucky enough to be suffering a migraine and vertigo. For a split second I considered staying at home. But I went. And i'm jolly glad I did.

Her talk was very interesting. She discussed what made her want to start Persephone, her love for women writers, the shops and the books and how their unique style came about. She was charming, spoke so wonderfully, was funny and frank. She answered questions from the audience ranging from how she chooses the books they publish to the financing of the publishing house and cost of the books compared to your usual paperback you buy on the high street.

The books are often found through recommendations from customers or friends, Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day was the favourite book of a customers' mother. Part of the charm of the shops is how cosy they seem and how it appears to be a small business with a personal touch. Nicola proved last night that that is exactly how it is. There is only a small workforce (they currently have a work experience girl with them named Persephone!) and the mail orders are sent out from the shops with a punctual postman at 3:30 everyday.

Nicola herself is also charming and friendly. I spoke to her briefly about how I discovered Persephone and she asked what I do. I talked about how I planned to read Miss Buncle's Book next but hadn't finished Marianna or Miss Pettigrew so must finish them first. She was kind enough to give me the copy of Miss Buncle that she had brought with her. Asked me to let her know what I think of the book and asked my name. A lovely evening. Even with a splitting head!!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A patriotic Monday

These little chaps were waiting to be made into bunting.

It took me a while to get the flag looking right on my stencil, not as easy as I thought it would be but after a little thinking and rubbing out it was ready.

Then I had to make the second stencil haha!!

Onto the printing and it all went well. Drying, ironing and sewing later this is what I was left with. A stack of flags waiting to be sewn onto cotton tape.

I have to say my disappearing pen is a god send! The ink disappears really, not the pen, that would be a nightmare. It is my new favourite tool!

So eventually those chaps turned into this beautifully jolly, street party embodying, patriotic bunting! Now I must do some more printing.

There are 12 flags and the bunting is 3 1/2 metres long. This set won't be going online but you if you would like some just let me know.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

A bunting time of year.

Well after my little down moment last week about my things not selling, bunting has been sold from LoveOne in Ipswich and will hopefully soon be selling from Wild Raspberry in Manningtree!

I am also doing a swap with Claire Palmer Designs who is sending me one of her lovely Eiffel Tower necklaces and in turn I am sending her some lovely bunting to hang in her kitchen. I love how it's so versatile. You can hang it outside during the summer for a tea party or whatever or in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom if you are so inclined! A new design may come about this week so keep your eyes peeled!

Another post soon showing my finds after a charity shopping trip to Felixstowe and a Saturday morning trip to Needham Market Antiques and Collectables shop.