Friday, 30 October 2009


I know not everyone shares my view but I LOVE Autumn. I love when it starts to get cold and you have to turn the heating on so it's all cosy and warm. I love that day when you just HAVE to light the fire in the sitting room.

I love how the tree outside my house is red at the top, to orange, to yellow to a few green leaves left at the bottom.

I love putting my scarf and hat on! YES!!! I love wearing my big coat. Not just because i love my big coat but because I can tuck up all warm in it.

And best of all, warm cosy beds with the quilt up to my chin and lovely comfy pyjamas!

In other news this week I have been busy making things for the I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market. I've been printing new bags and sewing up some bunting and making masses and masses of badges! I would LOVE to show you pictures of the new designs but someone has my camera and so I haven't been able to take any pics! I shall get it back tomorrow and hopefully it will be bright enough to get some decent images.

Look out for those, I do hope you like them! Until then I shall depart, off to do some drawing in my big cosy bed!!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009


Well everyone, I had a very exciting email yesterday! Dotcomgiftshop have reviewed this hear blog on their website in their own "Crafty Blogs We Love" section. How ruddy exciting is that?! That's the first time i've had a response like that to my little blog. More news there soon hopefully. Especially as its the kind of online shop that stocks lots of yummy vintage style things, polka dots, flowery and french style! I'm pining after one of the Victorian Parasols myself!

In other news I have been busy sending away internet orders (these are on the up aswell which is also very exciting!) and making loads of new badges to sell at the upcoming I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market. I have also started printing new tote bags for the same event. I am really enjoying printing my new designs. I bought an A3 screen for printing bigger designs and it is so darn cool. I wanted to show you pictures of the new stuff but since Autumn has set in all the good light in the evening has left. Luckily it's half term next week so I will be at home during the day and can take some shots.

Watch out for those, blog posts are much more exciting with images I know!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Time for Drawing

Well I am finally writing a proper blog entry rather than just posting photos of places i've been to or things that i've done. There's a turn up for the books! (where the hell does that phrase come from??) This past week at work i've been lucky enough to find some time to do some spontaneous drawing just for the fun of it. So i thought i'd share the two I did that actually turned out alright!

I have also been designing new bags with and making new badges as well as having ideas for new products which will debut at the I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market. Sneak peaks soon i'm sure. They have a crafty theme to them, knitting, sewing etc as well as a few other ideas.

I also have some good news, the fair now has 10 confirmed pitches and we are working on the
advertising so that we get stacks of people in and buying all the amazing goodies our stall holders have to offer!

So the things you will be able to buy include....

Vintage clothing and screenprinted handmade skirts & accessories. Bags made from used skateboards. Jewellery. Homewares. Embroidered bags. Artwork and all the other little things our sellers make! We are so ruddy excited! I will be keeping on about it right up until the day before so here is a little reminder for you....

I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market. Town Hall Galleries, Cornhill, Ipswich.

Saturday 28th November 2009

10 - 5pm!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Inside Us All Is Hope

This post is ONLY about and ALL about the new film that is being released at the end of this year...
Where The Wild Things Are

I hadn't read the book until Chris saw the trailer for the film and bought me the book. Go watch the trailer at the link above cos this film looks great.

I am currently listening to the soundtrack which is available on Spotify. It is all original work by Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame. Its beautiful and full of kids singing which just makes it even more charming.

I can't wait for this film. It is going to amazing.

Zoe Murphy

Hi everyone, I'm sorry i've been so rubbish at blogging lately. I started back at work at the beginning of September (Sorry if i've already said this) and I am working long hours and more than I have for a long time which has been leaving me very tired and only home during dim hours of the day when pictures look rubbish! BUT I am getting into the swing of it now and I have been printing some new things and designing new bags so I will have goodies to show you soon.

In the mean time I thought I would tell you about my current discovery. An amazing designer called Zoe Murphy The chest of drawers on the left are screen printed on to wood :O I LOVE that!!

She also makes patchwork from hand dyed wedding dress fabric which she prints onto and then upholsters furniture with. Like that amazing footstool on the left. Man I love it. This is what has kept my brain buzzing whilst working with demanding students all day.

AND as if that wasn't enough she also does wall pieces on old bits of formica work top!

She is based in Margate and her work is inspired by where she lives. I can't get enough of it. Hopefully I will get some time to develop what i've been doing and show you the results. Only three weeks til half term!! hehe!