Sunday, 30 June 2013

Back on Track

It's been a little while, as it often is between my blog posts and I know I need to post more regularly but I've gotta say I don't find blogging that easy. I want to do it more often and I want to find it easy but I struggle to find things that I've been doing interesting! I guess because I work all the time I don't feel like I'm doing anything worth blogging about.
Now that could be debatable, but that depends on if you find the everyday doings of an art & design lecturer interesting. Probably not.

However as it's been such a long time since I last blogged I do have a few things I can tell you about. And I will try my best to be more interesting and post more regularly. I think I just don't imagine what i'm up to could be of interest, but who knows, someone might like it!

On to the pictures

We had an I Make Fun Stuff market at the end of June, Sunday 23rd to be exact so I had to print some more bicycle cards. These guys are really popular. I'm hoping to be a bit more exciting and print them in more colours soon. I also plan to be printing a new design. Yay!

This is the flyer for the last market we did. Man the weather was ridiculous. Sunny one minute, then dark clouds then threw it down with rain. ARGH! BUT loads of people still came out and we had a really great day so I guess that proved how much people want to come to the markets. Our next one is Sunday 29th September in Ipswich Town Hall. Visit the website for news or our facebook page. We update that most.

I've felt inspired lately to try and make clothes. I've always been really impatient with that kind of thing because i'm not very good at being precise but i'm actually doing pretty well so far. This is a t-shirt style tunic made from 50s fabric. The fabric is a bit stiff so it was rather boxy so I added some darts and took it in a little so it fit better. I added the green zip but as it went the whole length of the back it feels a bit like a straight jacket! Haha! So I will be changing that. More pics when it's not looking so awful. Since then I've made myself a wee blouse and i'll post a pic of that on in the near future.

Lastly is a little doodle which I cut a stencil from and turned into a screenprint. I've wanted to do a cat print for ages, but I've never done a design i'm happy with until now. I printed 5 bags and have sold 4 already so I think curly cat will be made into a proper stencil. Watch this space for cat products!