Saturday, 26 September 2009

I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market

The I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market is go!!!!

Saturday 28th November 2009

Town Hall Galleries, Cornhill, Ipswich

The application process is still open if you are interested in applying for a pitch this time, or if you want to take one at a future fair.

Pitches are £20 this time.

Please visit

More I Make Fun Stuff events and such like coming soon

Woodbridge Vintage and Comtemporary Fair & A Sorry!!

Hi everyone!! Firstly i'm sorry i've been so incommunicado for the last few weeks. Very few updates I am very sorry! I started back at work at the college and am working so many hours then popping out in the evening to Chris', my folks' and to see friends I am shattered every night! I haven't even had time to make anything and have bought magazines I haven't had time to read. Now i'm feeling a bit more with it (its Saturday thank god!!) I must not neglect you again!!

SO!!!! Here are some images from the second Woodbridge Vintage and Contemporary Fair. This time LoveOne had a stall which I helped run with Nicola who you can see in the picture sitting at the back sending a text hehe! Isn't the stall lovely?? We had such a successful day! Oh my goodness so much better than the last few events Cathy and Myself have done. It was an excellent day and I got some goodies myself which I will try and take photos of tomo. I was giddy with vintage excitement! OooooO!!!!

There were so many excellent stalls over flowing with goodies and beautiful things to buy. I sold lots of union jack bunting and badges which was so exciting!! AND had a few shop owners interested in my stuff and several stall holders interested in our fair at the end of November (post about that coming up)

What an excellent day we had! There is another on 12th December and if we don't get a stall this time we'll definitely be visiting!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Harvest at Jimmy's

Last weekend Chris and I went to Harvest at Jimmy's, a festival just outside Ipswich!! We bought tickets months ago but it had suddenly arrived.

So we packed our coats, camping chairs, blankets etc and set off for a weekend of good music and good food!! And that it was! There was so much for kids too. A whole area devoted to keeping them amused and having lots of fun. We drank well, ate well and enjoyed Jose Gonzales, Seth Lakeman and KT Tunstall especially.

We did have to wait in a queue for an hour for our dinner on the Saturday but we chatted and luckily joined the queue well before I was hungry so it wasn't awful. We packed a picnic tea on Sunday and sat in the car getting warm before going back into the festival for more music and sitting in a field into the night! Even leaving the festival by car wasn't a nightmare and we got to spend the night in a proper bed instead of camping. Much better. It was a rather middle class festival haha! But I think that was part of the beauty.

We really enjoyed ourselves and plan to go again next year! More food stalls though please Jimmy!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Art on the Prom

Just had to show you all the pictures from Art on the Prom that Cathy from LoveOne (my stall partner) took! They look really good. As does our stall, even if I do say so myself!

It was a warm, cool, very windy day! I was putting my scarf on, taking it off and my cardie too all day. Coat went on at the end, and we left pleased with ourselves and with pink faces! In my case, VERY pink!

How good does the bunting look in this seaside setting?? There was a fantastic beach hut just behind us and to the right that was exactly the right colour to compliment out stall. It would have looked perfect if I could've sneakily hung my bunting over it and taken a pic, but sadly it was being used and i'm not that cheeky!

There we go you can see it there on the right, what a great colour!!

The wind was so strong in the afternoon the pegs that were holding my bags to the fencing pinged off and I kept running about putting them back on! Cathy was fighting with her pinnys to keep them from attacking her where she sat!

It was all very funny for us but there were several stallholders further up the prom fighting with the wind more than we were as they had no beach huts as windbreaks.

These are the ladies themselves. I say ladies as each of the styles of pinnys have their own name. Gloria and Ivy to name but a few. They are made from hawaiian shirt fabric. Aren't they amazing. My favourite is the yellow, pink and brown one. I do believe that one was sold on the day. Damn it!

You will find us at several fairs in the area soon.

LoveOne will be at
Gay Pride at Christchurch Park, Ipswich on Sunday 13th September
Woodbridge Vintage & Contemporary Fair on 26th September

Cuppa Tea And Cake will be at the I Make Fun Stuff Craft Fair at the Town Hall Galleries in Ipswich on Saturday 28th November.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Tea and Cake and Domesticity

These are a few images of my work displayed at the Domestic Landscape Exhibition which finished on Sunday. It was a very quiet affair and unfortunately I feel the venue was in a rather isolated area of town meaning there was not very much footfall, the people who visited were mainly those who were invited or were visiting the church itself!

The images here are a bit blurry so click on them to see the work a bit clearer.

But it was good for me to have the opportunity to display my work, and hopefully the chance will come up again in a more central location and more appropriate forum. I am already thinking about how I can move my work forward and develop my style so i'm really thankful for that. So watch this space, my mind is running wild!

In other news after Art on The Prom there will be some new bags available through my etsy and folksy pages and some of the work displayed at the exhibition will be available to buy too.

I have also started back at work at the college which is fantastic AND I have a new stockist in Bury St Edmunds!

Please visit Wibbling Wools on Angel Hill for a selection of my goodies. You can get knitter badges and some tote bags in large and mini too!

And trust me guys, what a wool shop!!