Sunday, 29 August 2010

Showcase Sunday: Vintage Princess

For this weeks's Showcase Sunday I have decided to continue my wedding theme, as that theme is ruling my weekend too! Post wedding BBQ today, hope the weather holds!! So i have picked one of the sellers who's item I featured in my Folksy Friday this week. Vintage Princess Shop

I love the design of Amber's selection of digital and letterpress invitations, cards and bookmarks. The colour schemes work beautifully and you get matching envelopes and address labels or stickers with all of her products. This matching collection of goodies all in the same design and colours makes me very happy!

And you don't have to be getting married or having a baby shower to enjoy Amber's products, she does these cute little daschund notecards too, with matching envelopes and doggy stickers too!

One request from me, afternoon tea letterpress notecards please Amber! It's all about the tea and cake!!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Folksy Friday: Weddings

This weekend we're busy with a fantastic wedding and so my theme this week is Weddings!

Don't you just love it when people get married? And the wedding we're attending will be especially lovely as the bride has designed all the wedding invitations, RSVPs, menus, table settings, decorations and placemats! She is a fantastically talented pattern designer, Sarah Wade
It will be a great day!

Here are today's 6 picks...

Wedding Flower Ball by by Abigale

Personalised Hand Cut Card by StoreyShop

Winter Wedding Fascinator by Maggie Cook

Peach Wedding Cupcake Toppers by Peach Blossom Parties

Afternoon Tea Letterpress Wedding Invitation by Vintage Princess

Vintage Airmail Wedding Invitations and RSVP by Artcadia

Mini Pen Totes on Folksy Front Page

My Mini Pens Tote is on the front page of Folksy today!

It looks like they are doing a Back To School Theme ready for the end of the Summer holidays.

It's the end for me too as I have to go back to work with the students!

New Website!

The new Cuppa Tea And Cake website is now live!!

Lots of new photographs and a little bit of blurb, hopefully it is easy to navigate and beautiful to see!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

New Earrings

New teacup earrings now in the Folksy and Etsy shops.

Super cute little studs hand drawn on plastic with surgical steel posts and scrolls.

AND they come pinned onto hand screen printed card speech bubbles for extra colour and excitement!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Showcase Sunday: Mengsel

It's time for another Showcase Sunday, along with it being migraine Sunday for me but I will push on promoting my fellow sellers! This week my chosen Folksy seller is Mengsel.

As usual I have taken the time to find a seller who I think has it all, beautiful, well made products that are unique, a well designed shop and great product placement. Oh yes and I forgot, photographs that clearly show the products and give you a style to picture in your home as well.

From reading the Mengsel bio I have found out that it is the Dutch Afrikaans word for mixture. I love the story behind a name! And so do buyers, finding out a little bit about the person who makes the products you are going to buy and how they are made makes them all the more interesting.

Luzelle's style has a lovely Scandinavian feel to it which comes out through her designs, the colours she uses and also the settings for her photographs. This fresh, clean, white paint and wooden furniture compliments the products and almost makes the feel like a breath of fresh air. Which it must be said, handmade products definitely are after walking through your local department store or high street!

Mengsel's designs include crockery, chickens, robots, super 8 cameras and coffee pots. The mixture of homely and vintage/retro styles that I love and is also very "in" at the moment. I'm a big fan of product prints being available as art prints as well so you can have them on your wall as well as on your cushions!

Mengsel offers tea towels, cushions, pillow cases and prints too, some Scandinavian some just quirky and fun and all beautifully printed.

Don't forget to visit the Mengsel blog too!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Folksy Friday: Baggage

This week's Folksy Friday theme is Baggage! Mainly because I love bags and purses and wallets and also because I need a little coin purse so where else would I look but Folksy!?

I love doing these Folksy Friday's because I end up adding so many cool shops to my favourites, it means I have some sellers I know I love to call upon when I need something for myself or for a gift!

Unfortunately it does tempt me to buy lots of things too, but that's why we love Folksy. Handmade goods you know are unique is a great way to satisfy your retail therapy needs!

Coffee Sack Shopper by Lucky Bird

Tashley Clutch Bag by nelli D

Hand printed glasses / sunglasses case by Sarah Waterhouse

Upcycled 13 inch brown flannel laptop case by Toggle

Comic Wallet by Kluck

Coral & Gold Coin Purse by Peppermint Twist

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Showcase Sunday: Lucy Player

Here Sunday is again, I have done my food shopping but annoyingly I still have the washing up to do! My least favourite job, I would rather iron than wash up! Anyway, before i succumb to the horrors of the washing up bowl here is my choice for this weeks' Showcase Sunday. I love Showcase Sunday!

This week I will be promoting the graphic talents of Lucy Player.

The thing about Lucy's products is they are perfectly simple and minimalistic, that is all you need. I love how her work is often just black line drawings on a cream background letting the artwork speak for itself, you don't need bright colours, gaudy slogans or careful stitched embroidery (not that I don't love that myself because we know I do!) in Lucy's work.

These postcards is where it really gets good for me, detailed illustrations of biscuits and teacups printed onto cards! Simple yet effective, and to me that is what Lucy's work, shop and website encompasses. Her product photographs are so suited to her work I just want to drink it all in, her shop is everything I want from a shop and will make me want to buy the products.

It also makes me want to keep taking product photographs to improve mine even more!

Visit the Lucy Player shop and you'll see what I mean.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Folksy Friday: Night

Here we go with another Folksy Friday!

This week's theme is Night because of the spectacular Perseid meteor shower that happened over the UK last night. We had friends over so we lay on our picnic bench in the dark watching the shooting stars. The repeated shouts "Oooo I saw one!!" and "oops no that's an plane" was hilarious, we had a great night. So to inspire you into finding something twinkling and sparkling, here are this week's six items!

Night Time by Rabbit Portal

Bronze Cat Make Up Bag by Dee Hewitt

Black Bat & Full Moon Necklace by Ich bin…!

The Lonely Owl Necklace by Chasing Bella

Greeting Card, Cloudy Starry Night by It Belongs To Turtle

Small Star Studs by Buttercup Buttons

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cuppa Tea And Cake Shop Window!

Yesterday I had the fun task of changing the window at LoveOne to a Cuppa Tea And Cake themed window.

It's actually quite difficult to dress a window, does it look right? What else can I add? What is the right shape/size/style to fill the gap? And then what to do with the stuff taken out of the window?! I might do a bit more fannying around with it today as i'm shopgirl again.

But for now, lookie at that!!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Showcase Sunday: Joanna Rutter

Showcase Sunday is where a Folksy seller promotes the work of a fellow seller. I love showing people the talent we have going on over there on the UK craft marketplace. Folksy is a fantastic place to buy handmade products you can't get in high street stores only those excellent little independent shops we must all support.

My first Showcase Sunday Folksy Seller is Joanna Rutter.

Joanna makes gorgeous silver and wooden jewellery of foxes, birds and clouds to name a few of her subjects. Each piece is beautifully crafted and so well designed it's not a surprise the branding of her shop is equally eye catching. Joanna has made her shop a dream to visit, the bunting on her banner, the font she's used, her colour scheme and her perfectly shot photographs all give me the feeling I want when I visit a Folksy shop.

Please buy me one of these, Joanna's shop can be found here on Folksy.

Reasons To Be Cheerful: Part Two!

I don't often blog about clothes, which really is a bit odd because I really am into clothes. I always have been, especially things that are a bit unusual, and of course vintage.

Today these two wonderful cardigans from River Island caught my eye in a very excited way! Which cheered me up as I was feeling a bit grumpy, mainly because the weather is disgusting at the moment. I don't mind warm, I don't mind rain but what I do not like is warm and wet and so humid you feel like hell!

YUK! Roll on the Autumn when I can start wearing more than one layer of clothes at once!

Sorry all you Summer lovers!!