Friday, 4 April 2008

~sigh~ delightfulness

I spend a lot of my time saying words like 'wonderful loveliness' and 'yumminess' and 'niceness' and the title of this post 'delightfulness'. I think most of my life revolves around finding things that mean I can use those words. And just now I had the reason to use one again, poor old Chris will have to endure a whole hour of Gardener's World tonight because it IS delightfulness. Yum.


This is a picture I took in the garden yesterday, when the sun was shining and I was warming myself and having a good think. Sadly today the weather is not so nice, the clouds are blocking the wonderful sun away and tomorrow we will be back to April coldness and wrapping up warm again.
Berries and pods

I took this picture too because the seed pods are just bursting open with beautiful red berries inside. I want to use it for something but i'm not sure what yet. I'll probably draw them and go from there. I have this overwhelming feeling of creativity at the moment and that does not coincide with the amount of typing I should be doing sitting in front of the computer. yawn!

Oh well. I best get back to that list of stuff I have to do. I just wrote 3 sentences for my college assignment and got bored. That is not good.