Sunday, 30 October 2011

An apology made up for with a new product!

Wow i've been quiet haven't I? I really must apologise. My full time job has kept me unbelievably busy and rendered me entirely inept when I come home from work.

I'm a lecturer you see and the first half term from early September til October is so manic with getting to know new students, writing new projects and lessons, ordering materials, pastoral care etc and on top of that I am in charge of our in class support team which involves a lot of admin work and people management which i've never done before so I have not had chance to think of other things.

Luckily half term arrived, finally and i've been busy planning for our I Make Fun Stuff Festive Market on Sunday 20th November and have made a few new things.

I haven't named this line yet, there are currently necklaces featuring a combination of items including skirts, shirts, blazers, satchels, brogues and blouses and there are matching badges. I might make earrings of the more simple items in time. They will be exclusively released at the St Peter's Street Festive Market in Ipswich on Sunday 20th November and on the shops after that.