Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Paper and Colour and Shapes

I am subconsciously drawn to shapes. Usually circles, I find myself drawing circles, cutting out circles, sewing circles. Especially when creating work I haven't planned.

I gave up planning work a long time ago when I finally gave in and realised that what I imagine will never be how it will end up. It is a lot more free and there is no anxiety anymore.

I have recently been working on small 8.5cm squares after being inspired by the Van Doesburg exhibition at the Tate Modern. All those geometric shapes and limited colour palettes really got my brain going in overdrive!

I am also very into neon colours at the moment and mixing them with clashing colours or dull colours that make the neons pop.

So here are the first couple of collage pieces with triangles! Welcome to geometry with Jess.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

a nice cuppa tea...

I created this tea cup and saucer set months ago but have had severe problems taking decent photographs of them. Partly due to the dull days and awful weather and also because of the angle of shot and problems with too much light and shadow.

But here they are now after investing in a light cube! I must say it is very nifty, if difficult to get back into it's case! I haven't quite got it right yet but these are much better than the previous ones I took.

I'm about to add this wee set to my Folksy page. So pop over if you fancy

I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market TWO!

We're doing another!! Oh yes and we have more than twice the stalls we had last time!!

We have some stalwarts from our first market. Like Focused Bags who make bags from broken skateboards (these are rad go google them!) Jack the Cat who make beautiful handmade bags from gorgeous contemporary fabrics and embroider them, Kluck who make lovely little things made from leather, paper, thread and plastic and of course Yours Truly!!

We have new people too like Laura Laura who reinvent secondhand knitwear and jewellery into 50s inspired clothes and accessories. Super Duper Things who make nautical inspired jewellery and beautiful things with silhouettes and cut outs. Innocent Oils who produce 100% toxic free vegan cosmetics and skincare products and we're hoping for some baked goods too!

We really hope to see you there

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

We Moved House!

Hello everyone! I am writing to you from a new and exciting location. We have moved house and so have much more room and much more time to do the exciting things, like collect things, make things and take many more photographs!

We are still settling in, boxes everywhere and rooms in a state of flux but the computers are up and running and I have been busy doing bits and pieces and sorting the place.

Today I sent off a Folksy order so made these luggage tag "with compliments" slips to go in with my orders. Feedback seems to be such a staple of Ebay but people don't bother on marketplace sites and it is so important to us little businesses. So I add a little message under the rubber stamped bit and hope it makes a difference.

I love this little do it yourself rubber stamp kit, apart from the way the little rubber letters seem to have a mind of their own! I think I will be using it every chance I get!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

New and Exciting!

Here is the first look at the necklaces I will be doing.

Luckily my motivation has returned after taking a Christmas/New Year hiatus and I have a new spring in my step!

I've been wanting to expand my product list for some time but just haven't been able to think how, but earlier this week someone used that wonderful phrase "ooo you could do that!" and here is the result! These first four necklaces are being sold in LoveOne in Ipswich but if they sell, and I get good feedback from here, facebook, flickr, twitter then I plan to make more. I do hope you like them!

In other exciting news we get the keys to our new house on Monday and the big move happens next weekend! Finally a place for all my vintage kitchenalia and a whole room devoted to making things! I am so excited! I will be taking photographs when we are all settled and all the bits and pieces are perfectly placed!