Monday, 14 March 2011

New Foiled Crystal Forms

Lovely new screen printed and foiled things! A tote and a cushion cover. These will shortly be available in the shops, links to which are down the side of the page.

If you want to know more about foiling please see my previous post or feel free to email me.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

A little glimpse into my day job

I work at my local college full time as a Lecturer and a Learning Support Assistant. Each job has their trials and tribulations as most of them do but luckily for me I really enjoy my job and get to be creative when i'm doing it.

For my next 3 week illustration workshop we will be designing and making zines and so i've made a project brief for my group in the form of a zine. It can be difficult to wade through lots of words for some students and I think just saying it all out loud just isn't enough so I often go for a very visual approach backed up by laying out the lesson each week at the start of every session.

Here is my zine project brief, broken down into weeks and with a big long list of fantastic contemporary illustrators for my group to research.

I hope my students appreciate the hard work i've put in for them! Haha! It was really good fun to tell the truth!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

New Products! Crystal Forms

I have recently been working on a new line of products based on crystal forms. I've been messing about really with a pattern I really like to see if I like the results. And so far the answer is YES! So i've popped a few in the shop to see if other people agree.

I really love the brooch at the top and also the screen printed fabric all the items here are photographed on. I have made it into a cushion cover but haven't had the fine weather needed to photograph it. You can see bits of it here and more in the previous post too.

All these items are available in the shop and there may be some alternative designs too as i'm still messing about and enjoying it.

Links to the shops are down the side of the page!!