Friday, 27 February 2009

It's here! It's here!

Every two months the waiting begins. Selvedge is published at some point every two months and so February arrived and I was expecting the excitement of coming home and seeing a grey plastic packet waiting for me on the door mat.

Last week I saw the new copy in my local WHSmith, and yet my issue had not arrived!! I was tempted to pick it up and flick through but NO! I couldn't ruin the joy of the first flick through before I had my own copy.

Here it is. I am off to consume it before I have to go to the garden centre. Oh my the chore!! I HAVE to go to the GARDEN CENTRE! Oh save me from the pleasure haha!!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Oh to live beside the seaside....

Today we went to Aldeburgh. These beautiful buildings are on the seafront. You walk along a lovely path with the shingle on one side and gorgeous buildings like this on the other.

It was a gloriously sunny day in Suffolk today. Quite warm and lovely and bright, a perfect day to appreciate this beautiful town.

We ambled along beside the beach picking which of the many houses we would live in, dreaming of having a little place here every time we saw a TO LET sign. Walked through the high street and discussed how we could pop to the newsagent for the paper, there's a greengrocer for our food, a cute cafe called Munchies to get a coffee or hot chocolate in and rows of wonderful shops, Joules and Jack Wills and Fat Face Oh My!

We loved these little alley ways that went down beside the houses onto the high street. Should have taken a picture of one of us down
the alleyway.

So we pootled along, looked in lovely shops, found a wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful tweed jacket in Jack Wills and then I looked at the price. £198 :O And then some yummy things in Joules. Finally on to the fish and chip shop, the famous Aldeburgh fish and chip shop. We sat on the front, surrounded by seagulls and lots of very cute dogs and children and enjoyed the view.

A wonderful day. Very well spent. Perfect company.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Lovingly created and ready for a new teapot home

This chap is the second tea cosy of this style that I have made, the original is keeping my pink metallic teapot warm, it is green and purple, so clearly an attack on the sense of sight! Metallic pink, purple and green, lovely!

Anyway this chap is beautiful dark pink and light pink with matching pom pom and is available FOR SALE!

The picture on the left shows it on a large teapot which would be used for visitors of 4 - 6. It will also fit a smaller teapot for 2 people less snugly but equally well.

It is made from 55% merino, 33% microfibre and 12% cashmere wool.

It is available to buy for £25.

i best go start another one! In two shades of blue.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Knitting and a charity shop find!

Yesterday I went charity shop shopping with some friends from my old place of work. The finds were coming thick and fast for us, Ali managed to gather a whole pile of goodies, Naz got some books and Sam got a throw and a lovely old suitcase which we both loved but I had to take the practical option that I just don't have enough room to store a suitcase I don't need!

BUT i did leave with this lovely little gold purse which has a little hand mirror inside too. It was marked at £5 which I was okay with but the lady at the counter seemed to think that was too much and I got it for £3.50! Bargain!

In other news I started another tea cosy and have finished one side of it. Once I start I can't put my knitting down even if that means I get claw hands and aching arms. Now I am obsessed again and am feeling the need for some needle holders and point protectors as the needles keep poking through my bags. It was Chris' suggestion so I shall just HAVE to buy them won't i? Heh heh!

The pattern comes from Rowan Classic Home Book Five, and my passion for knitting this particular tea cosy came from Jane Brocket 's book The Gentle Art of Domesticity. A bible for us crafty, domestic, baking people. *sigh* it's lovely. I'm gonna have to get it off the shelf again.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Shop Open Please Visit

I have now entered the world of ETSY shops with a proper seriousness and intention to sell things.

I have been making these brooches for a while and have previously made necklaces too. I will soon be branching out into headpieces and bracelets as well so stay tuned for that but I am currently lacking decent buttons.

If you are a visitor to this blog and haven't said Hello please post me a comment, I would love to know if people other than my friends and relatives read this blog.

In other news I am having a wonderful time teaching at college, I really feel like I am finding my feet and just love teaching. It's a pleasure. Now if I could just have a permanent job please....