Monday, 30 April 2007

Waiting Waiting...

i'm now waiting to hear from college about whether or not an art tutor will take me on as their student teacher. It's nearly two weeks, that'll be Wednesday and i'm eagerly checking the post everyday. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

Today is my first day off of the week, yesterday Chris went back to uni in Bournemouth for the last stretch. I was a little sad but compared to how hard it has been it was nothing, when he returns it'll be for good. Well, we won't be apart for that amount of time again i hope! So i am happy and content, very happy. So today i've cleaned the kitchen and baked a cake, a little one to go in my new glass cake stand! Ooo I can't wait! Pictures later on. And i plan to do some drawing in my garden, it's been rather a long time since i did some drawing an enjoyed it.

My anniversary present from Chris arrived on Saturday, I got it yesterday after seeing him off on the train. It is a limited edition book that is full of postcards, a greetings card and a fold out map, its is so cute and by Vicky Lindo. You can find her here I tried to hotlink to her page but the world is against me!

i'd also like to mention Modbury in South Devon which has become the first plastic bag free town. Lets follow their very good example please!

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Many posts in one!

I really should have updated this several times this week because so many things have happened.

+ I handed in my dissertation on Wednesday!!! it's finally gone and now I can do whatever I want to do! YAY!

+ I had my PGCE 'interview' on Wednesday, it can only be described as an interview in the loosest of terms as it was much more like an info giving event, I now have to wait to see if I can get placed with an art tutor, but considering I know the lady who mentors PGCE students because she used to teach me, i'm hoping i have a foot in the proverbial door, but no chicken counting please!!

+ Thursday Chris and I went to London for two days, and saw Explosions in the Sky at the Astoria. It was stunning, absolutely amazing, i'm so glad we went and Chris was in awe. Of course we did some shopping too, though it wasn't as successful as my usual London shopping trips. i guess that just means i can buy more fabric and more wool for my granny square blanket LOL! I had a great time, specially people watching and we spent some time sitting in parks and relaxing, it was great.

+ T shirt and plaited belt from American Apparel. Selvedge textiles magazine and Fruits Japanese magazine. Polka dot letter writing set from Artbox. Explosions In The Sky album from the gig and Clear photo frame and rubber stamp set from Muji.

+ Also met my friends Sarah and Flo for lunch which was great as I don't get to see them anywhere near as often as i'd like. Flo brought me a wonderful gift of a glass cake stand, i have a current love for them. This one is extra special though as it is entirely glass and also has a glass dome lid, but I shall save that picture for when there's a cake in it!!

Monday, 16 April 2007


Today is Chris and My first anniversary! And i am so super happy, it must be said it hasn't been the smoothest of days but that doesn't stop it being the best and most happy day ever!! And doesn't stop me thinking i'm the luckiest lady alive :D I'm allowed to be smooshy, it's MY blog! :D

Friday, 13 April 2007

Good Riddance!

I'm desperately trying to finish my dissertation, i say desperately because now matter how often i say 'i want to finish my dissertation today' i just can't do it because i get so bloody bored of looking at it.

i only have the conclusion to do and then i'm rid of it! I just pulled my main book from under the bed to read an important paragraph and out flopped all the journal entries i've printed out for research, i cannot wait to happily shove them into the recycling bin never to be seen or read again!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Post - Easter Update

What a fabulous Easter weekend!!

I had Saturday off work so that Chris, his family and me could go to Jimmy's Farm, the Essex Pig Company. It's 15 minutes from Chris's house and on every first saturday of the month they have a Farmer's Market, it was great, I saw Jimmy and his lady Michaela and cows and sheep and lots of little pigs!! It was fab. Then that afternoon we went to the football and saw Ipswich win 5-1! It was ever so exciting. And that night we had dinner at Chris' grandma's house where his aunt and uncle cooked dinner.

Sunday we all went out for Sunday dinner and i stayed the night and last night we saw two awesome bands Jonquil and This Town Needs Guns. They were both absolutely fantastic!! And we both had a good moan with our friend Ed who put the bands on about how the state of music in Ipswich is AWFUL!!

Today we saw Sunshine, the new film by Danny Boyle, it was really really good, but i spent the majority of the film feeling very very tense, which i don't handle very well and there were a lot of times when i couldnt watch the screen, but then i am quite sensitive about things and find some films hard to watch.

We also found a new wool/yarn shop in Ipswich. Thank goodness we went up the road Chris wanted to, not the one i wanted to. This new shop, that can be found here i bought a book so hopefully i shall get somewhere with my endeavour to make granny squares and then a blanket! I also went in Laura Ashley to get a catalogue, oh my there are so many things i want.

Well dissertation is nearly there, not much more to do, just a final read through i think. And then i can panic about my interview instead.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

fleeting visit

Complete lack of posts because with the boy being home and my working i haven't really had time to do very much, so this one will be all too brief and not very interesting.

Hmmm... i've nearly finished my dissertation, i plan to have that sorted by this time tomorrow so i can get Chris to read it and then make any necessary adjustments. Phew! It's got to be handed in, in a week and a half and along with my PGCE teacher training interview the day before, the panic is beginning to rise. Especially because i still dont have something definite to wear to it. It's so hard to know how to look committed to the interview and takng it seriously but still look like an artist!

more updated later, i've ran out of time!!!

Sunday, 1 April 2007


At the moment i am trying to write more of my dissertation, but no matter what i do i cant stick at it, why can't i just finish it??? then all the constant thoughts about it would be over, its just so hard to get on with it when i'm bored to the back teeth with it! I've done a little bit throughout the day but its so much effort (lol) and my eyes have hurt all day. I must keep trying though.

I went to see my Nana this afternoon, it was really nice, i hadnt seen her in ages and she told me lots of things i didn't know, she told me all about how my cousins are doing now, which i don't hear about generally and also told me some wonderful stories about how she and my Grandad met, it was really lovely, then as i walked home i saw this great gate. Yeh i know that's an odd thing to think is great but i love how ricketty and kinda put back together it is.

In terms of fun stuff i havent really done anything today, by that i mean no sewing or makey things because my eyes have been achey. Disappointing for me though. And i haven't seen Chris :(