Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A Jolly Good Time

It was my birthday last week. I was twenty six. Twenty Six! I don't know where the years are going anymore, and yes I am probably too young to say that.

So to celebrate this momentous event me and my other half took a trip to the big smoke for 3 days. It was fun I can tell you! These chap on the left are currently floating about Carnaby Street watching over some very crazy christmas shoppers! We popped there first on Thursday for some slipper buying in Muji and Droplet buying in Playlounge (will take a pic of the Droplet soon)

Next stop was a spin on the London Eye. There is a picture of that too. We checked to see what time sunset would be and booked our 'flight' accordingly. It was amazing. The sun set behind big ben and moved further down the sky as we got further round the Eye. You can see for miles and miles, I spent much of the time pointing to sites and being in complete awe!

Most of the pictures we took were on the eye but there are a couple more I'd like to show you. We spent the next day in the shops in Covent Garden and Marylebone High Street and Goodge Street. We began with a cup of tea and piece of cake, or coke and mince tart in Chris' case, in Paperchase. Lots of lovely Christmas decorations and art goodies later we went to Habitat and Chris got sucked into Heals and couldnt get out. Then Marylebone High Street for lunch with our Flo, a trip to a wonderful bookshop who's name I don't know and a quick but productive visit to Cath Kidston occured of course. Then Covent Garden for geeky design shops, a cuppa and home for a nap and out again to see Sigur Ros.

They were amazing. The crowd was a very mixed bag, old and very young and everything in between. It rained indoors from their lighting rig which they projected videos onto. It was outstanding, apart from the venue. Do not go to Alexandra Palace!

Saturday started slowly with another trip to Heals, and then a walk to Russell Square to see an exhibition of tapestries made by some rather well known artists. It's a very small show called Demons, Yarns & Fairytales, but worth a look! There's some great stuff there and The Dairy is a good gallery space. And finally, one of my highlights of the trip, Persephone Books.

There is is, Persephone books. The most wonderful little bookshop that sells plain bound dove grey books that have gone out of print and they reprint specially, with a beautiful printed paper inside and matching book marks. The shop had stacks of books wrapped in brown paper, some fabric, mugs, postcards and beautiful wartime posters on the walls. It was delicious. A brief trip to a wonderful shop, and one of my favourite parts of out trip.

Oh and I must not forget, we went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen for dinner and Chris had a Buffalo Burger which was, in his words 'the greatest burger he has ever had' and it tasted 'like really beefy beef' It was good!