Saturday, 30 January 2010

Attention Lovers!!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching so hopefully everyone is getting in a loving kinda mood.

Personally I am a fan of anything heart shaped, you can get cake pans in heart shapes in Lakeland. Mixing bowls in heart shapes in M&S and silicone bun cases too! And on a blog a few years ago I saw a heart shaped teacup, now THAT is what I am talking about! If anyone sees one please let me know.

So to celebrate your love for tea or for Valentine's, your Lover's love for tea, I have made Valentine's badges.

Some say "love a cuppa" on them and others say "come for tea, i love you" and they are all available in my folksy shop

Cuppa Tea And Cake Folksy Shop

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Lucy said...

I love this badge it's so cool!!!! Lucy (Munyip Makes) x