Friday, 8 April 2011

Working with wood

I've wanted to create things from wood for a while but without the right equipment its not that easy!

A while ago I made some stripy A5 pieces using markers, masking tape and stickers and then went on to cut hexagonal crystal shapes out of them. I was really happy with them and could see potential for the triangles i'd cut out so went about trying to mount them onto wood.

The only real problem I had was getting the shapes cut out of the ply without having to use a junior hacksaw and take forever to do it. Luckily a friend stepped in and cut these babies out for me so now I would like to present...

the Hexagon Brooch! Clever name huh?

I carefully chose the triangles to put together and have varnished these chaps several times to protect them from wear and tear. The first one is in my online shops now.

Folksy and Etsy. Please let me know what you think!


Whimsically Random said...

This is beautiful. love the patterns in it.. clever name too ;)


Jess said...

Thank you very much!!

Hello Olive said...

Hello, your work is beautiful! I have featured one of your totes on my blog. I hope that's ok.


Jess said...

Thanks very much Hello Olive that's really kind of you!