Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tiny Cats

I'l be honest, I find it really hard to blog regularly. From the dates and frequency of my last posts you will definitely see that I just can't post even once a week. I just don't feel like my life is generally interesting enough to post often but I am endeavoring to change that.

I have been making so many new things recently that it seems a shame to not share them and you know how it is, blogging gets you followers and followers like your work, I'll do my best to keep you interested!

It's taken a little while to get these little cats made, just because of Christmas and having to rework the images (and i'm bad at Photoshop/Illustrator so try to avoid it!) The wait was worth it though, they are so cute and tiny when sat next to the cat brooches! Sorry there are no images of them in ears, I can't wear my own earrings. Some day I will pluck up the courage to go and get them pierced again. The cuteness of these may help me find some balls!

They're available from my Etsy shop priced at £4.00. Select them in my little shop widget on the side or click the hotlink.

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