Friday, 8 June 2007


Apologies to anyone who has ever taken the time to look on my little blog, because i have been living in a house which has no wireless internet access, i know thats not really an excuse as there is a computer hooked up but as i cant easily use my computer i don't think about updating this thing. I worry that the possible readers i did once have, maybe!, have now flown the proverbial nest.

Anyway i will try to update this more often now things are getting a little more settled.

In good news, i had an interview with my possible PGCE mentor this morning, she gets to decide whether she'll take me on or not, and luckily for me she has said that she will! SHE WILL! i'm going to train to be a teacher!! But until i get that letter in the post and i know it is in black and white i shall still be worrying. OH MY GOODNESS!

last week i went to 12 open gardens in East Bergholt, i have lots of photos which i will put up on here when i am back from my week away in Bournemouth which is starting today.

And so i best go pack, i leave at quarter past 3!! OH MY GOD NOT ENOUGH TIME!!

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