Thursday, 24 May 2007


The day has finally come!!! Yesterday Chris came home from University because he's FINISHED! YAY!!!!

9 months ago back in September when we parted at Bournemouth train station for me to go home, alone, and embark on months of train rides and missing him, it felt like an eternity until May 2007. The idea that the time would 'go so fast' seemed like such a stupid one and as long as it felt during, it HAS 'gone so fast'! Not that i'm complaining!

And so now, the 'soon i'll be home all the time' time has arrived and i am deliriously happy. So if just a little more time could move along at a speedy pace that'd be grand, so that meeting up in town to lounge in the park and eat portugese chicken time could be now!

Thank you!!