Thursday, 2 August 2007

This is how i had breakfast this morning, sadly the picture doesn't really do it justice, if i'd had my, well our (Chris and My) Fuji camera i could probably have taken some better shots.

Anyway, it was Terry's Birthday today, Terry is what you might call the Man of the house, it is his and Ann's house that i lodge in. Though i'm a close family friend, sometimes described as the 'surrogate daughter' and so i got to join in the celebratory breakfast. I'd like to make a point of pointing out the crockery, it is by a wonderful potter name Ann McNulty based in Eniskillen in Northern Ireland.

It was a great way to start my day (after i'd ran out to get some flowers for Ann and a card for Terry!)

And this is my 'find' of the day a wonderful necklace from a charity shop, mmmmm second hand things. Sorry about the rather obvious cleavage!!


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