Sunday, 16 September 2007

Being a Student Art Teacher

I've spent the last two weeks being in the Art Department at college observing introductions to the various courses, National Diploma Art & Design, Level 2 National Diploma Art & Design and Foundation Art & Design. There are well over 200 students in all and i need to try and remember who they are. I'm gonna go for trying to remember the ones that will apply to me (those doing Textiles & Printmaking)

This week just gone the Foundation students and ND@ students have had an introduction project. Each group of 7 - 9 were given a postcard of a well known painting and had to recreate it using themselves as the people in it, they had to make props, costumes and backdrops too!

The results were brilliant, all were of a shockingly high standard and of course, some better than others . All in all the amount of effort that went into the tableaus and the way the students mixed in with people they didn't already know was great.

Next week i'm in Drawing and Textiles, i can't wait!

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