Friday, 28 September 2007

Southwold Umbrella Competition

Last Sunday Ann, Terry and I went to Southword to see their Alternative Umbrella Competition and have breakfast with friends Carol and Melvin, not to mention also enjoying the company of our friend Sorrell Grove and her partner Jeff. This is THE Sorrell Grove who recently won the Times Newspaper Back Garden of the Year competition!! I have sat in this now well known garden and taken tea, and it IS a beautiful garden.

Anyway, unto the umbrellas. Below are my highlights. The one that won is the origami cranes at the bottom. I was surprised to hear that it had won as one of the themes of the competition is to use recycled materials, maybe they did and I just couldn't tell. My favourite was the umbrella pencils, and I voted

Southwold is an absolutely stunning seaside town on the north coast of Suffolk, if you live close by and you've never been you should definitely go. Unfortunately I imagine you will fall in love with the place, I say unfortunately because house prices in Southwold have rocketed as people from London have bought the property as Summer homes and now even people who live in Southwold cannot afford to move.

A beach hut recently sold there for £90,000.

I still dream...

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