Monday, 17 August 2009

A Splendid Day Out!

Yesterday I travelled down to Maidstone in Kent to visit Flo of Thoughts of The Common Reader for her birthday treat. A visit to Headcorn Aerodrome for a Vintage Aircraft Fly In and Military Day. There was stalls with vintage uniforms, military vehicle parts and even one that would do your hair WWII style! How tempting that was....

There were jeeps, tanks, ambulances, little tank things called Ferrets (Flo's partner Jip wants one of these!) wartime cars, tents, planes and allsorts of other things! There was an excellent RAF Ops exhibition. Everyone in uniform in a tent with one of those map boards, as we were watching there was an officer on the telephone and then he stuck his head out of the tent shouted "SCRAMBLE!" and rang a bell and the airmen dashed off in scorching heat in huge boots and flying jackets! PHEW it was 25 degrees yesterday!

My favourite bit was the Ministry of Food tent. Look at that! Chequered tablecloth, enamel bread bin, information posters and fresh veg! There was a lady all dressed up and ready to tell us how to be healthy and do what best we could with our rations!

We all had a wonderful time walking around and spotting all the people dressed up. Every one of them looked amazing and just like they'd dropped out the 40s. The vehicles were excellent and there was even a re-enactment which was rather loud and full of explosions!

After too much sun we met up by the car where some of us had been relaxing in the shade with two tired dogs in need of a snooze.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely time. Isn't that yellow plane just lovely to look at. I think the 'ministry of food' is always a fascinating subject and it's great that these exhibitors keep it all going for us.

Unknown said...


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