Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Art on the Prom

Just had to show you all the pictures from Art on the Prom that Cathy from LoveOne (my stall partner) took! They look really good. As does our stall, even if I do say so myself!

It was a warm, cool, very windy day! I was putting my scarf on, taking it off and my cardie too all day. Coat went on at the end, and we left pleased with ourselves and with pink faces! In my case, VERY pink!

How good does the bunting look in this seaside setting?? There was a fantastic beach hut just behind us and to the right that was exactly the right colour to compliment out stall. It would have looked perfect if I could've sneakily hung my bunting over it and taken a pic, but sadly it was being used and i'm not that cheeky!

There we go you can see it there on the right, what a great colour!!

The wind was so strong in the afternoon the pegs that were holding my bags to the fencing pinged off and I kept running about putting them back on! Cathy was fighting with her pinnys to keep them from attacking her where she sat!

It was all very funny for us but there were several stallholders further up the prom fighting with the wind more than we were as they had no beach huts as windbreaks.

These are the ladies themselves. I say ladies as each of the styles of pinnys have their own name. Gloria and Ivy to name but a few. They are made from hawaiian shirt fabric. Aren't they amazing. My favourite is the yellow, pink and brown one. I do believe that one was sold on the day. Damn it!

You will find us at several fairs in the area soon.

LoveOne will be at
Gay Pride at Christchurch Park, Ipswich on Sunday 13th September
Woodbridge Vintage & Contemporary Fair on 26th September

Cuppa Tea And Cake will be at the I Make Fun Stuff Craft Fair at the Town Hall Galleries in Ipswich on Saturday 28th November.


Anonymous said...

It really is an ideal setting with the beach behind. The colours looked lovely. I wondered how everyone got on with the strong wind that day, it must have been quite annoying for some. Glad you were able to see the funny side, probably the best way to look at the situation especially when there is nothing you can do about it.

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Oh looks lovely, I have some photo's my cousin took if you would like them emailed to you let me know. Looks soo much fun, my family had a beach hut on the prom that weekend. I will be in felixstowe on the 26th sep so may try and get along to woodbridge.
Well done with the event.
Luv Sophie xxxx