Monday, 7 September 2009

Tea and Cake and Domesticity

These are a few images of my work displayed at the Domestic Landscape Exhibition which finished on Sunday. It was a very quiet affair and unfortunately I feel the venue was in a rather isolated area of town meaning there was not very much footfall, the people who visited were mainly those who were invited or were visiting the church itself!

The images here are a bit blurry so click on them to see the work a bit clearer.

But it was good for me to have the opportunity to display my work, and hopefully the chance will come up again in a more central location and more appropriate forum. I am already thinking about how I can move my work forward and develop my style so i'm really thankful for that. So watch this space, my mind is running wild!

In other news after Art on The Prom there will be some new bags available through my etsy and folksy pages and some of the work displayed at the exhibition will be available to buy too.

I have also started back at work at the college which is fantastic AND I have a new stockist in Bury St Edmunds!

Please visit Wibbling Wools on Angel Hill for a selection of my goodies. You can get knitter badges and some tote bags in large and mini too!

And trust me guys, what a wool shop!!


Adele said...

I like your work in the second pic. It's always good to do an exhibition. You're doing really well with finding stockists, I think i'll take a trip to Bury and have a proper look round. It has been strangely quiet for sales, my daughter even said Aldeburgh was really quiet. Apparently everyone has gone home, it seems to be a bit like that over this way doesn't it .

louisaholly said...

These are lovely pictures. I love the tea time theme!