Monday, 21 December 2009

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Every year Chris and I make our Christmas wrapping paper. We started it two years ago when we used a rubber stamp to print gold stars on brown paper.

Last year we screen printed dark and light blue snowflakes onto brown paper and finished it off with silver and blue ribbon.

This year we couldn't let the tradition fall to the wayside, we had set a president and so we must carry on!

So yesterday afternoon we cut stencils, mixed print paste and cut up brown paper and off we went printing out Christmas tree wrapping paper. Doesn't it look great! We printed onto card for labels too and wrapped everything up with bows and ribbon.

The only sad thing is when you go to that much trouble and then it all gets torn off! Oh well, we love making the effort and love the results even more!


coco rose said...

I know what you mean! I used to print my own paper for christmas wrap and it was such fun! Sadly, once the children arrived, to do it for so many gifts just to be ripped off in a second without any thought, that was one thing that I had to drop! I have such a huge family that grows bigger every year now, so to do it would take months of prep! So, it's nice to see that others can take delight in doing it and its lovely to get to see the results! Thank you for sharing such great wrap! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi there
A fellow Suffolk crafter here, please take a look at
and pass it around
Thank you

I LOVE YOU said...
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