Sunday, 29 November 2009

I Make Fun Stuff Craft Market Number One!

So the day finally arrived. I woke up at 5am having dreamt all night that no customers would turn up. We got to the venu with several eager sellers waiting for us when we arrived. Tables up and stalls being beautifully decorated didn't take long and it all looked amazing!

We'd been featured in our local newspaper twice the day before so we were super pleased about that. We had also contacted the radio stations and put posters up all over the place. It seemed to work. When all was done 700 visitors had been clocked in from 10-4!!

We had jewellery, bags, accessories, original artwork, ceramics, vintage clothing, contemporary clothing and homewares and it was all snapped up eagerly by customers escaping the cold day for sone unique retail therapy.

At the end of the day all our stallholders were happy and we'd had a very fun and successful day! I made twice as much as I had at any craft fair before! Chris and I were in complete awe that it had worked, we'd done it!

And stay tuned folks, because we're going to do it again! If you would like a stall next time or know someone who might please visit and let us know!

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Anonymous said...

Really pleased to hear this was a great success especially after all your hard work.

Leopard Robe said...

I have just discovered your blog and work and think they are both fab. What you are trying to do with 'i make fun stuff' is brilliant for Ipswich.

I am newbie mummy who has discovered art again whilst being on maternity leave. As soon as my little boy goes to bed the sketchbook comes out and the mac is fired up!

I will keep watching the progress of you and your fairs and hopefully one day I will have a stall too!
Good Luck for 2010