Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Back to Crochet

This is the project I currently can’t put down. I have a habit of going from one project to another without finishing the first. I had a phase of knitting this time last year for several months, and then I ran out of steam leaving a nearly completed tea cosy sitting on the side waiting to be finished. I picked it up again the other day, but then I got inspired to crochet a big granny blanket to wear like a big chunky scarf. So I picked up a granny square i’d started months ago with the intention of making into a blanket of several squares (here we go again!!) and off I went. I’ve added several rows to it since in any spare moment I get. It’s looking good but is nowhere near the size I want it to be. With my claw like hand I will plough on! Though I suspect it will be too warm to wear by the time i’ve finished it. I do hope I don’t get tired of it before I finish.


Sarah Wade said...

Jess I now have a blog!! not too sure how to work it though! .....so much to learn!

Loving the knitting! xx

Sarah Wade said...
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Anonymous said...

Makes me want to get my crochet hook out...I made these granny squares years ago...however big, sometimes for a full bedspread, others became a shaw, still there were pillows...lovely :D

zaib said...

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