Friday, 1 October 2010

Things that have happened....

The above image is from the wonderful people Print For Love Of Wood. They have a great shop on Folksy, i bought the above print for Chris and I last Christmas and it really sums up my feelings when I'm experiencing a purple patch. It is also a taster of my Showcase Sunday.

I have decided I'd like to do a little summary of my week because I do such a wide variety of things and because we are slowly building up to the next street market and the launch of the new I Make Fun Stuff website.

On Monday I answered the beckon call of many of my 60 students, they have a variety of requests from moving groups to missing ID cards. The notes page of my diary is not big enough! And i was given some lovely Cath Kidston mugs (I actually need more mugs. Yes. I do)

On Tuesday I taught my little rapscallions all morning and then had a meeting with Cathy from Loveone to finalize the plans for the Saints Festive Street Fair. Very exciting! It is great to have emerged from the piles of red tape and be ready to accept applications. Email if you want to apply for a stall.

Wednesday was a ridiculously long day which started with an absent lecturer and a task which involved lots of materials we need to hunt and gather. After long explanations the students understood their task and noisily and messily got on with it. By the time i got home at 6:00 I was wrecked and had to miss knitting club :(

Yesterday was a day filled with maths and english and a whole after noon of rowdy and self involved performing arts students constantly talking and not paying attention. I was appalled at their bad manners but luckily they calmed down eventually. We then turned our brains on and headed out to The Brewery Tap's Quiz Night. 107 questions on a variety of topics and a really tough Extreme Trivia round. We've come second twice but didn't manage to place this time after a ridiculously hard quiz! Great company and good fun though.

Milly seems to have made two kitty friends whilst playing in the garden for the first time this week. One black and white cat and one grey and white cat who's very fluffy with big furry trousers. She wouldn't come in she was having so much fun!

More videos of her soon. And some doodles too.

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