Sunday, 3 October 2010

Showcase Sunday: Print For Love of Wood

Back to the Showcase Sunday after a short break due to excessive busyness (is that a word?!) This week my Showcase Sunday featured shop is Print For Love of Wood

I bought a print off them last Christmas for my partner and I and really loved their work. Now I see that their shop is full of new and different things and so I had to wave my flag for them.

Look at this wonderful Owl print, made from a vintage linocut found in an antiques shop. I love the almost recycled nature of this and the fact it is still being used decades on. Printmaking is a technique I fell in love with years ago when I was a student and I think that's why I love this shop so much. The shop profile describes how all the work is printed using an antique printing press and using inks often bought from printers that are closing down and is if that wasn't eco enough, everything is printed on recycled paper stock.How's that for sustainable huh?

Print For Love of Wood is stocked with a great range of beautiful letterpress and linocut products but by far my favourite is the print that led me to finding the shop last Christmas.

I used the picture of the print in my previous post so here is a close up picture of the linocut used for printing the image.

My print hangs in my workroom where I do most of my printing and other work. It completely sums up how I feel when things are going well and i'm bursting with ideas, desperate to print something.

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shellie said...

love the camera cards!