Friday, 19 November 2010

Folksy Friday: Saints Festive Street Fair

This week it's an extra special Folksy Friday because each of the makers who's work I have featured have a stall at the Saints Festive Street Fair on St Peter's Street in Ipswich on Sunday. I am so very excited because I get to choose all the stalls and so I want to buy things from ALL of them!! My bank balance won't take it and neither will Chris' patience. It is going to be super special, just please don't rain!

Tape Measure Brooch by Canny Belle
Crown Badge by Kluck
Echino Small Lampshade by Sacha and Elisabeth
Ceramic Panda Brooch by Hoot
Cream Teas Tote by Cuppa Tea And Cake


Louise said...

It is most DEFINITELY going to rain :) see you there

Carrie said...

oooh... fun stuff!!!