Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Great Lost Kettle Hunt!

I had an interesting email yesterday from Russell Hobbs. Okay not the REAL Russell Hobbs but from the
company asking me if I can help them find a long lost kettle. A bit odd you might th
ink and I must say I was surprised when I saw the title but they need help solving a little problem!

The Russell Hobbs K1 kettle was the first to turn itself off when it boiled. Unfortunately the company no longer has a working model and so they are looking for people who have one to post images of their K1 on the flickr group or tweet at Russell Hobbs with a picture of it. Every single picture will recieve 10% discount off a Russell Hobbs purchase and they promise that one lucky owner will win the full Russell Hobbs

Here is a picture of the K1 so you best go root through your attic, those boxes you never unpacked when you moved, your mum's attic, or your grannys or Nana's or Auntie's! You could be in for a surprise and some free kitcheny goodies!

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twoforjoy design said...

That's so cool! I don't have one, but I think it's great that they found you and asked you to do that!