Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Milly

 I had to post these pictures of Milly before the whole Christmas season is over. I apologise for the quality of the photos, they were taken using my iphone on the spur of the moment, as those of you who have cats can understand!

She took a great liking to our Christmas tree, it was her new favourite hang out and as our tree had several bell ornaments on it you could always hear when she had climbed in it again. I had to reattach branches numerous times and rearrange the tinsel as well as constantly tell her to stop chewing the branches; and light bulbs :S on occassion.

Sadly her new toy was taken down yesterday due to my not being able to moan at her about chewing it anymore and she fought the decision all the way!

She climbed into it and attacked us while we removed ornaments, helped remove some of the branches for us (haha!) and stayed in it as it slowly became more and more bare of baubles and branches.

We had a wonderfully quiet Christmas just the three of us, lots of tasty food and relaxing with some good telly too! I'll miss our pretty and very colourful tree until next year and I know Milly will too!


Abbie said...

Awh how adorable! :)

spudballoo said...

Oh too cute! Our Phoebe cat, now a middle aged lady, enjoyed her first Christmas as a kitten by spending it in our tree! x