Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mini Sale!

 Happy New Year everyone! Here we are in 2011 and I don't really feel like i've got started yet. My first week back at work was quite relaxed, I wonder if I would have got going better if i'd been straight in at the deep end, anyway, it was surprisingly tiring after 2 weeks off.

So I am starting the new year on Cuppa Tea And Cake with a small sale of products I want to get rid of and start a fresh.

So the Jam and Marmalade totes and knitter totes in all colours are now only £3 in the shops. Folksy and Etsy

I have also updated the shops a little with some new earrings. I plan to keep making new items this year to keep the shops fresh and exciting.

First up is a new brooch, i've sent the design off today so hopefully it won't be too long before there are some rather lovely new brooches available. I can't wait to get these! Top secret until they arrive though so keep checking back.

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