Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Several months ago I received an email from Inside Crochet magazine asking if they could feature my Crochet Lover badge in their magazine. Of course I said yes and duly sent off an image for them to use.

So here we are, several months later in issue 13. Now unfortunately i wasn't made aware of that my badge was in that issue when it was on the shelf, so you'll have to do with this picture from my complimentary issue.

Never the less it is very exciting for me to have my work featured in such a fun magazine! If you like crochet I suggest you take a peek at it next time you're at your local newsagents as there are lots of cute projects to do and there is always handmade products featured in their "Things We Love" section.


whatkatiefound said...

this is excellent, well done!! :D

Helen said...

Ooh I may have to pick up this magazine! Might give me that bit of extra motivation I need with my crochet at the moment.