Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Wallpaper Rose Giveaway

Louise of the lovely blog Wallpaper Rose asked me if I would donate something to her First Birthday Giveaway which you can enter via her blog.

She asked for one of my Wooden Wool Badges so off it went to be added to the massive pile of fantastic goodies you could win just by popping over there and following the instructions. Here are a few of the lovely goodies...

So off you pop!

p.s. apologies for no photos, blogger won't upload them for some reason so I will add some when it plays ball.

p.p.s YAY! Photos are back!

1 comment:

Tilly Mix said...

Silly blogger, it's being terrible for me today.

I found you from the giveaway and am having a lovely time wasting away the hours in your archive :)

Hello, Sweetie