Thursday, 5 July 2012

I love you Brogues

My mission behind Cuppa Tea and Cake has always been to make products that I myself want to own and hope that other people feel the same way. This may be a risky starting point for a small business but how can you enjoy making things if you don't want them yourself? The more I think about it the more it seems like a fantastic idea actually!

Anyway, my lastest creation is the brooch above. I've loved getting my illustrations laser cut out of wood so this is product number 3! The illustration is of my well worn and well battered brogues. They were actually tidied away for the last time recently because i'd worn them to death. Luckily now they are immortalised as a brooch (and I bought a new pair!)

These guys are surprisingly big! I will add a picture of me wearing one when my sunburn has gone down. They're available now in my Etsy Shop and Folksy Shop.

You may notice something different over there, more news on that soon but get ready to redirect your RSS feeds because the blog is on the move!!

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