Monday, 11 March 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

I've not been able to make the post I want to as the weather has been so grey I haven't had the light to take photos. So I've decided to do a random post. Here are 50 random facts about me.

1. I'm a picky eater
2. I did a Fine Art degree but I wouldn't do it if I could choose now.
3. I love cats, not a fan of dogs.
4. I'm a homebody, I really don't like being away from home.
5. I had bright pink hair for 5 years
6. I don't like Photoshop
7. I am a massive sports fan, everything but boxing and snooker and i'll watch it.
8. I cry when watching London 2012 highlights because I loved it so much I want to go back in time.
9. I don't like orange when used alone.
10. I will happily sit against a radiator for hours
11. When people use "done" instead of "did" it really annoys me. E.g. "I done my presentation"
12. Getting "your" and "you're" wrong annoys me too.
13. I love making my jewellery and do it because I want to wear it, but I rarely do.
14. I'm a control freak
15. I have far too much Japanese masking tape.
16. I don't take enough risks with my artwork.
17. I don't like negative people
18. I love being organised, it makes me feel in control.
19. I wish people were as polite now as they were 100 years ago.
20. Spiders really scare me and I know its irrational.
21. I find it difficult to throw jam jars away, they will come in handy!
22. I don't really enjoy cooking but I love baking.
23. Part of me wishes I worked in sport not art.
24. I love the London Underground
25. Bed solves many of my problems
26. I get antsy if I spend too many evenings away from home
27. I find it difficult to talk to people but can't stop talking once I start.
28. When I was young I wanted to be a Geologist.
29. I have a GCSE in Geology
30. I didn't start my art education until I was 18.
31. I don't like The Simpsons
32. I love Mad Men and want to be Joan.
33. I like films but don't like going to the cinema very much.
34. I have the entire Good Life box set and cried when Richard Briers died
35. I love retro sitcoms like Porridge, To The Manor Born, Yes Minister, The Good Life.
36. Winter is too cold and Summer is too hot.
37. Hydrangeas are my favourite flower
38. Poppys used to scare me.
39. Speaking of scaring me, I don't like insects. Especially flying ones.
40. The gack in the plug hole after washing up makes me gag.
41. Cat fur on everything really doesn't bother me.
42. I have to tuck my jammer top into my bottoms and my bottoms into my socks because it annoys me that they ride up in bed.
43. I like to be "all in" bed. No arms or legs sticking out.
44. I like routine, I have Weetabix for breakfast everyday and I'm not bored of it.
45. I don't like baths. Ever.
46. I used to go to uni in London, I didn't like it.
47. I've never been to Brighton
48. I don't like being too cold or too tired, I turn into a crying child.
49. I don't like dried fruit.
50. I love permanent markers for drawing. Mostly kurecolor S markers.

Completely random facts. Some dull, well probably mostly dull really.


mrsrobinson said...

Funny to read... some of them I was thinking oh me too! Though not all!

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