Thursday, 24 April 2014

New Product: Patterned Shapes Tote

I recently finished printing a design I'd started months ago. Do any of you start a project and then just leave it, unfinished because the momentum you had has gone? I do that too often than I should really. 

This design started off as just the three circle prints in yellow, green and turquoise. I planned to print lots of different coloured circles originally but then the other week I was inspired by some wrapping paper I bought that was lots of different shapes. So I decided to just go for it on top of the circles. 

I also was rather excited because I had a little fluorescent pigment I wanted to try so I cut these little confetti shapes and printed over the top. 

What I love most about screenprinting is the layers you can create from printing colours on top of each other. I predominantly use a print paste which has a transparent base giving you that layered depth of colour. However the fluorescent pigment works best in an opaque base and I think adds a great POP of strong bold colour to the design. 

You know it's good when you shout "OH MAN" when you lift up the screen! I printed the confetti on to 3 blank bags I had and will add to that design over the next few weeks. 

If you don't already follow me on Twitter and Instagram my handle is @jesskabroad I'm going to have some exciting news to announce tomorrow so follow if you're interested. 

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