Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A love affair...

...with a paper punch.

Yes friends I have finally lost my mind but I'm hoping you'll be able to see why. 

I design and print all the little backing cards that my brooches and earrings are pinned too and my business cards. I'll leave you to decide whether I do that well or badly because I am never happy with my branding. 

I use this awesome uncoated card from Eco-craft called Hairy Manilla (gotta LOVE that name!) It's the same as I use for printing my bicycle and cat cards onto. I slice them all up using a knife and cutting board, nothing very exciting there. 

Until!!! I was looking round my local The Range store and found this little chap...
It's a corner punch. What does it do? Well, it cuts the corners off your card. And look how good it makes them look... 
I mean, you can't tell me those cards don't look so much more fancy with rounded corners! 
It just adds a little sumthin' don't you think? So much cuter! 

And the best thing? The punch is like £5! I can't remember precisely how much but I'm telling you, it's worth it! Look at those lovely smooth corners. 

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