Friday, 18 July 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

For the last few weeks I've been concentrating on practicing my drawing and illustration skills. I want to be better at drawing people, facial features, proportions and hands and also develop a style I can call my own. 

Every year I have students who hate drawing from observation. Usually because they struggle with it so don't want to do it. And I always say that the only way they will improve is to practice. Even if no-one ever sees it, practice is what makes perfect. 

So here are the results of my practising. Some went wrong. Some aren't finished. Some i'm really pleased with. 

I like sketching out in pencil first then using a fine liner. I've added colour to these with Posca pens but I'm about to try using some gouache and combining it with my Poscas. More of that to come. 

What do you need to practice? 

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