Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Post - Easter Update

What a fabulous Easter weekend!!

I had Saturday off work so that Chris, his family and me could go to Jimmy's Farm, the Essex Pig Company. It's 15 minutes from Chris's house and on every first saturday of the month they have a Farmer's Market, it was great, I saw Jimmy and his lady Michaela and cows and sheep and lots of little pigs!! It was fab. Then that afternoon we went to the football and saw Ipswich win 5-1! It was ever so exciting. And that night we had dinner at Chris' grandma's house where his aunt and uncle cooked dinner.

Sunday we all went out for Sunday dinner and i stayed the night and last night we saw two awesome bands Jonquil and This Town Needs Guns. They were both absolutely fantastic!! And we both had a good moan with our friend Ed who put the bands on about how the state of music in Ipswich is AWFUL!!

Today we saw Sunshine, the new film by Danny Boyle, it was really really good, but i spent the majority of the film feeling very very tense, which i don't handle very well and there were a lot of times when i couldnt watch the screen, but then i am quite sensitive about things and find some films hard to watch.

We also found a new wool/yarn shop in Ipswich. Thank goodness we went up the road Chris wanted to, not the one i wanted to. This new shop, that can be found here i bought a book so hopefully i shall get somewhere with my endeavour to make granny squares and then a blanket! I also went in Laura Ashley to get a catalogue, oh my there are so many things i want.

Well dissertation is nearly there, not much more to do, just a final read through i think. And then i can panic about my interview instead.

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