Sunday, 1 April 2007


At the moment i am trying to write more of my dissertation, but no matter what i do i cant stick at it, why can't i just finish it??? then all the constant thoughts about it would be over, its just so hard to get on with it when i'm bored to the back teeth with it! I've done a little bit throughout the day but its so much effort (lol) and my eyes have hurt all day. I must keep trying though.

I went to see my Nana this afternoon, it was really nice, i hadnt seen her in ages and she told me lots of things i didn't know, she told me all about how my cousins are doing now, which i don't hear about generally and also told me some wonderful stories about how she and my Grandad met, it was really lovely, then as i walked home i saw this great gate. Yeh i know that's an odd thing to think is great but i love how ricketty and kinda put back together it is.

In terms of fun stuff i havent really done anything today, by that i mean no sewing or makey things because my eyes have been achey. Disappointing for me though. And i haven't seen Chris :(

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