Monday, 30 April 2007

Waiting Waiting...

i'm now waiting to hear from college about whether or not an art tutor will take me on as their student teacher. It's nearly two weeks, that'll be Wednesday and i'm eagerly checking the post everyday. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

Today is my first day off of the week, yesterday Chris went back to uni in Bournemouth for the last stretch. I was a little sad but compared to how hard it has been it was nothing, when he returns it'll be for good. Well, we won't be apart for that amount of time again i hope! So i am happy and content, very happy. So today i've cleaned the kitchen and baked a cake, a little one to go in my new glass cake stand! Ooo I can't wait! Pictures later on. And i plan to do some drawing in my garden, it's been rather a long time since i did some drawing an enjoyed it.

My anniversary present from Chris arrived on Saturday, I got it yesterday after seeing him off on the train. It is a limited edition book that is full of postcards, a greetings card and a fold out map, its is so cute and by Vicky Lindo. You can find her here I tried to hotlink to her page but the world is against me!

i'd also like to mention Modbury in South Devon which has become the first plastic bag free town. Lets follow their very good example please!

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