Thursday, 21 August 2008

Goods and Wares

Yesterday I visited the Remnant Shop in Felixstowe, if you know Suffolk you will know how wonderful a place the Remnant Shop is. To the left is my haul. Not just for the sake of it like most visits to fabric shops! For example last week's trip to Quilter's Haven in Wickham Market where I bought a knitting pattern book, two metres of Amy Butler fabric which I have no plan for and some beads!

Anyway, back on track, I bought the fabrics to the left with the intention of making it into things to sell on Etsy. If I can ever sort that out, it should be easy, but I have a Maestro card and you can't use it with Etsy so now i'm trying to arrange another one to pay my earnings into!

I have, however, already been making some things that are ready to be listed as soon as I get my account up and running. So here's a few pics of my goods.

Brooches made of handmade felt, machine and hand embroidered.

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