Sunday, 3 August 2008


Two weeks ago Chris and I went to Latitude festival near Southwold in Suffolk. Southwold by the way, if you didn't already know, is where our dear Prime Minister is taking his summer hoiidays. If you know Southwold you should agree with me that he does not deserve to spend his holidays in beautiful Southwold!! Anyway, Latitude is a festival that is not just music. They have several music stages, a comedy tent, a literary tent, a poetry tent, a music and film tent, a cabaret tent AND a Radio 4 tent! Brilliant!

There I am at the train station rooting through my backpack cos the electric pump for our airbeds had got turned on. Chris found this very funny.

The highlight of the weekend was Sigur Ros on the main stage on Saturday night. They were absolutely mind blowingly amazing. Just stunning. They're string quartet backing group Amiina looked beautiful with sparkling batwinged smocks and sparkling leggings and huge pom pom headpieces. I plan to recreate a few of those! Other highlights were The Early Edition with Marcus Brigstock and guests in the Literary tent. Death Cab for Cutie on the main stage, Joanna Newsom on the main stage on Sunday lunchtime. I fell in love with her! and seeing The Now Show live on Thursday night.

I also have to mention drinking Pimms by the river whilst sitting in a deckchair made for two. Wonderful! Lot of Aspalls Suffolk Cyder from limited edition Latitude glasses and Lykke Li. She was great in the Sunrise Stage in the woods.

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