Sunday, 3 August 2008


I had two days in between coming back from Latitude and flying to Turkey for 5 days in a villa in Fethiye. In those 3 days I managed to pass my theory test with flying colours and find out i'd passed my PGCE. Awesome!

We went out for dinner by the beach and harbour each night. This is the view from the restaurant where we ate on the first night.

It was HOT! When I say hot I mean 44-45 degrees! Can you beileve it?! Luckily what people say about it being a different kind of heat is entirely true. It is just hot it isn't sticky or humid and so I could deal with it easily. Shockingly! I did say when I found out that it had been 44 degrees that really I should be dead hehe. Luckily there was a pool at the villa which we spent a lot of time in and the villa had air conditioning. It's only now i'm back in Blighty that I realise how hot it was even at 8 in the morning.