Friday, 13 February 2009

Knitting and a charity shop find!

Yesterday I went charity shop shopping with some friends from my old place of work. The finds were coming thick and fast for us, Ali managed to gather a whole pile of goodies, Naz got some books and Sam got a throw and a lovely old suitcase which we both loved but I had to take the practical option that I just don't have enough room to store a suitcase I don't need!

BUT i did leave with this lovely little gold purse which has a little hand mirror inside too. It was marked at £5 which I was okay with but the lady at the counter seemed to think that was too much and I got it for £3.50! Bargain!

In other news I started another tea cosy and have finished one side of it. Once I start I can't put my knitting down even if that means I get claw hands and aching arms. Now I am obsessed again and am feeling the need for some needle holders and point protectors as the needles keep poking through my bags. It was Chris' suggestion so I shall just HAVE to buy them won't i? Heh heh!

The pattern comes from Rowan Classic Home Book Five, and my passion for knitting this particular tea cosy came from Jane Brocket 's book The Gentle Art of Domesticity. A bible for us crafty, domestic, baking people. *sigh* it's lovely. I'm gonna have to get it off the shelf again.

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